6 lessons for private investors from Andrey Movchan. Lesson Two: Bonds

Snob continues a series of publications on errors, “pitfalls” and abuses that await a private investor in financial markets, prepared by Movchan’s Group investment management group of companies under the guidance of investor and financier Andrei Movchan. The first lesson was devoted to the commissions of banks and brokers working with your money. Today we will talk about bonds Bonds are a […]

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What is inflation

Inflation – the rise in prices for goods and services. When inflation occurs, the depreciation of money , decreases the purchasing power of the population. The process inverse to inflation, that is, the decline in prices, is called deflation. In terms of price growth, inflation is usually divided into three types. Creeping inflation means that prices grow gradually, by about […]

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The life cycle of an investment project and approaches to its structuring

The life cycle of the in- vestment project is the success of the new ones; Razpabotka ppomyshlennogo invectitsionnogo ppoekta – from pepvonachalnoy idei do ekcplyatatsii ppedppiyatiya – mozhet be ppedctavlena in RESIDENCE tsikla, coctoyaschego of tpex otdelnyx faz: ppedynvectitsionnoy, invectitsionnoy and ekcplyatatsionnoy. Each of these phases, in turn, is on your hands. In the foregoing phasethere are several parallel […]

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Marketing planning process

Marketing plan – this is an organization-sponsored business clue that permits us to do all kinds of marketing activities in cooperation with the objectives of the company, as a result of its activity, as a result of the company’s business objectives, as a result of its activity. At its base, the budget of planning, the control of […]

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State fiscal policy and aggregate demand (AD) curves (AD-AS model), money demand (MD) (MD-MS model), IS (IS-LM model), private planned investments (I) in the short and long term

Model AD – AS  It is known that the IS curve (IS-LM model) is a graphic representation of the negative relationship between the interest rate and the GNP in the market for goods and services (see Chapter 13 “Macroeconomic Equilibrium”).As government spending or taxes change, the aggregate demand (AD) curve shifts along the aggregate supply […]

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The financial policy of the state

The essence of financial policy  State measures to mobilize financial resources, their distribution and use on the basis of the country’s financial legislation are called “financial policies”.  The directions of the financial policy depend on the economic state of the country, the socioeconomic and other tasks being solved.The crisis situation of the economy predetermines the […]

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Theory and practice of taxation

The essence of taxes  In the system of financial relations in the state, an important role, in terms of replenishing the revenues of budgets of various levels and the possibility of influencing the national economy as a whole and its individual spheres, is played by taxes.Taxes – obligatory payments levied by the state on legal […]

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Budget deficit and public debt

The budget  deficit The budget deficit and the amount of public debt are the most important indicators of the state of the economy, so this problem has traditionally received much attention.  The budget process involves balancing government revenues and expenditures.Budget imbalance means quantitative inequality between revenues and expenditures of the budget. The magnitude of the excess of budget […]

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