Likbez on finance. What online courses should an investor pass?

Both beginners and experienced investors can upgrade their skills with online courses. What educational programs are available right now and what can you learn from them? The number of online courses for private investors is growing. The main educational online platforms – Coursera, edX, Canvas, OpenLearning, Udacity, Udemy – offer both basic programs and courses devoted to […]

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6 lessons for private investors from Andrey Movchan. Lesson Two: Bonds

Snob continues a series of publications on errors, “pitfalls” and abuses that await a private investor in financial markets, prepared by Movchan’s Group investment management group of companies under the guidance of investor and financier Andrei Movchan. The first lesson was devoted to the commissions of banks and brokers working with your money. Today we will talk about bonds Bonds are a […]

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PAMM accounts: rating and reviews

Oh, how lovers love (yes, lovers like it))) freebies to read the reviews that their predecessors have already filled cones have written for them. Then see the rating of all the good that made the same people. After that, use a toaster, a mobile phone or a financial product. In this case, it will be about PAMM accounts […]

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Forex ECN vs Forex Kitchen

The Electronic Communication Network ( ECN ) is an electronic system for making purchase and sale of exchange goods, which is trying to eliminate the role of intermediaries. ECN connects leading brokers and individual traders among themselves, so that they can trade directly, bypassing the exchange mechanisms of intermediaries. Through ECN such as Currenex, for example, you can get to […]

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What is forex?

I realized that a person who asked such a question could not immediately find the answer on the Internet. The first pages of the search give us not only advertisements, but also a bunch of advanced search sites, where there is not a word about what the forex or currency market is. Immediately offer a freebie. One word, novice traders […]

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Online trading in the Forex market for novice traders

You probably already asked yourself a question about how to achieve financial independence. The most popular way today is Internet trading. Most likely, you have already met with this concept. Internet trading is an opportunity to make money on the Internet using the tools provided by the foreign exchange market, the stock market or any other financial market. On the […]

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Signals within the trend “trend bend”.

Intraday trading strategy Forex Trend Bend is aimed at “lazy” traders, since it does not give a lot of signals, but those that are generated are very accurate. According to statistics, for the 11 months of 2018, it allowed to earn 1100 points, that is, the profit per month was, on average, about 100 points, which may seem to […]

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What is inflation

Inflation – the rise in prices for goods and services. When inflation occurs, the depreciation of money , decreases the purchasing power of the population. The process inverse to inflation, that is, the decline in prices, is called deflation. In terms of price growth, inflation is usually divided into three types. Creeping inflation means that prices grow gradually, by about […]

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