What is forex?

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I realized that a person who asked such a question could not immediately find the answer on the Internet. The first pages of the search give us not only advertisements, but also a bunch of advanced search sites, where there is not a word about what the forex or currency market is. Immediately offer a freebie.

One word, novice traders and schoolchildren who write essays have to be hard))) I’m not going to compile academic material about history, participants, and so on. As always, I will try to tell beginners about interesting things that are nowhere to be found.

If you need academic knowledge, I advise you to read my other articles and Wikipedia. The information it contains is not the most biased. Using any other resources is not safe for your wallet! Our portal is unrivaled, naturally))

Forex is …

“- Where do you work? – I am a trader trading stocks and futures in Europe and America. “Aaaaaa, forex or something?” This is what any trader conversation in Russia looks like when meeting new people. And the social status and education of these people is not important. 95% of Russian -speaking citizens do not see the difference between: FOREX – FOReign EXchange, MOEX – MOscow EXchange, NYSE – New York Stock Exchange. So, dear friends, the exchange and forex – this is not the same thing. Moreover, forex is not even an exchange in its essence.


Forex is

Forex is a combination of a huge number of places, platforms, brokers, banks, etc., where currency exchange is carried out for the purpose of speculation, hedging, regulation, provision of foreign economic activity. In all these places there may be different rules, goals of existence and a set of participants. When any person enters the word “Forex” in a search engine, he gets on a huge speculative forex system. Participants of this action: so-called. forex brokers and individuals. Brokers create a stir and the illusion of easy money. Individuals believe in easy money and lose everything they have, time, money, nerves, faith in good))


Exchange is

The Exchange is an organized trading place for financial instruments, stocks, futures, options, etc., more complex. The exchanges are located in real buildings, their work is strictly regulated by its own rules, rules of state regulators and laws of the state itself. All subjects of economic activity of the state, from individuals to state pension funds, are involved in the work of the exchange. At the same time, small speculators, the most unprofitable clients for the exchange. And that means no one is trying to appropriate their money. Almost nobody. Read my other articles to understand everything!