Signals within the trend “trend bend”.

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Intraday trading strategy Forex Trend Bend is aimed at “lazy” traders, since it does not give a lot of signals, but those that are generated are very accurate. According to statistics, for the 11 months of 2018, it allowed to earn 1100 points, that is, the profit per month was, on average, about 100 points, which may seem to some traders to be a frivolous result. But is it worth highlighting a separate window for it in the MetaTrader 4 terminal and if it can complement your working portfolio of tools – you decide, of course, only after becoming familiar with its features.

Characteristics of the Trend Bend trading strategy.

Also in the archive you will find a template for the Trend-Bend.tpl strategy . After unpacking the archive, the system files must be copied to the appropriate folders of the MT4 platform data directory. You can open the catalog through the terminal menu File – Open data catalog . Or open the terminal installation directory and copy the files from the archive there – if the terminal runs with the key “portable” .

The system has the following features:

  • – used indicators: SmPriceBend-T01 with parameters 21; 6; 0.7; 1.0; -1.0 and TrendStrengthTrio in increments of 5;
  • – currency pair for trading – EUR / USD ;
  • – used time frame – H1 ;
  • – recommended broker: RoboForex , Alpari , Forex4you , AMarkets or Forex Club .

The trend strategy, however, does not give signals about the beginning of its inception, but confirms it, and points to possible points of opening deals within the movement. The first indicator shows the trend and confirms its presence, and the second indicator allows you to determine the most successful time to enter the market.

Shopping by Trend Bend strategy.

To conclude deals for the purchase of intraday Forex Trend Bend strategy, the following conditions must be met:

  • – The TrendStrengthTrio indicator shows a trend upward movement : its black line is above the red, and their slope does not matter;
  • – after the next candle is closed, the yellow line of the SmPriceBend-T01 indicator crosses the red one upwards ;
  • – and after the close of this candle, a Buy order is opened with a stop-loss of 25 points and a take -profit of 50 points;
  • – as soon as the price passes the 25 points in the positive zone, the transaction should be transferred to breakeven;
  • – if the price is in the negative zone (in the range between the opening price and stop-loss), while the yellow line SmPriceBend-T01 falls below the red, then the transaction should be closed at a loss at the current price.

Fig. 1. An example of compliance with the conditions for a purchase transaction.

Sales on Trend Bend.

  • – The TrendStrengthTrio indicator shows a downward trend movement: its black line is under the red (the slope is not taken into account);
  • – after the hour candle is closed, the yellow line of the SmPriceBend-T01 indicator crosses the red one from top to bottom ;
  • – after the next candle is closed, you can open a Sell order with a stop-loss of 25 points and a take-profit of 50 points;
  • – after the price has passed the distance of 25 points in the positive zone, the transaction should be moved to breakeven ;
  • – if the price enters the negative zone and at the same time the yellow line of the SmPriceBend-T01 indicator rises above the red, then it makes sense to close the order with a slight loss at the current price.

Fig. 2. An example of compliance with the conditions for a sale transaction.

In this example, the price does not reach the take profit level specified in the rules, so the deal will be closed at the level of breakeven, which was fixed after the price had passed 25 points in the positive zone.

If you still have questions and ambiguities, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video version of the Trend Bend trend strategy review:


Looking for new trading systems, you can turn your attention to the Trend Bend strategy. This is a simple trend strategy and even beginners can understand it. It can be difficult to test it in the terminal tester due to the “complexity” of indicators (very long testing), so it is easier to evaluate the results of its work by the visual method . The owners of the Forex Tester 4 strategy tester can download the MQ4 indicators into the new tester and “run the strategy” on real historical data.

In addition, the signals issued by the strategy can be used as confirming entry into the market using other strategies, thereby improving the quality of their trading.