Forex ECN vs Forex Kitchen

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The Electronic Communication Network ( ECN ) is an electronic system for making purchase and sale of exchange goods, which is trying to eliminate the role of intermediaries. ECN connects leading brokers and individual traders among themselves, so that they can trade directly, bypassing the exchange mechanisms of intermediaries.

Through ECN such as Currenex, for example, you can get to real forex , just for the sake of access they give only: banks, treasury departments of companies, corporate finance managers, government departments, international organizations and central banks. Therefore, we turn to a broker for example ***. Com minimum account for trading one lot of approximately $ 20 thousand and trade. Here is a glass displaying quotes, in which you can understand that the spread is dynamic depending on the requests to buy or sell, indicated up to the thousandth and not “our spread is smaller than other brokers” or something like that! And most importantly, the applications that you will exhibit will affect the spread.


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Forex kitchen  – designation of a situation when clients’ requests for carrying out transactions are satisfied at the expense of counter-orders of other clients of the same broker or by the broker itself. At the same time, there is no need to conduct “external” transactions. In fact, this is an internal clearing situation . This is a screen from the first available forex broker, you can see that you don’t even need to think and understand, watched the news on TV and PLAYED on hanging or lowering the course, all unnecessary was removed so that people could not even think about why this or that button. Put deneShku and fight, man !!


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What is the difference 
-I think that forex cuisine cannot be called frankly scammers, educated due to the fact that there are still a lot of people on the market and why should they give moneyit is not clear to anyone if everything can be taken away by yourself and sometimes give a small piece to those who have managed to make a plus (I think they shamelessly consider everyone to be l * hami), it will all merge back. The jamb is only that small counters open which “play” not only on nerves but also take money due to: psychological moments (if you try to withdraw money they pull with withdrawal and throw more and more signals), tricks (speaking for example that they do not see your transactions and describe it somehow reasonably, so that you do not think that they intentionally take off your stop), ignorance (i.e., you are not smart enough to see what the price really was at that moment entered position or throw you out about on foot)

– At a real forex, everything is the same as in a non-present, the difference is that there are people like you, small players, they don’t evoke strong interest, and you can be sure that for the sake of your foot no one will lift a finger.

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What to do ? 
And what not to do, at least not to do that in what you know very badly, and if you want to understand, then understand the infrastructure so that your trade has as few intermediaries as possible (especially those who are interested in your sink) as a forex kitchen, you can open an account with a broker in America (there is an  ETF for currency) or trade CME futures, of course, a well-known UT broker can help you with this  . 

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K What I do is all.  
I hope, I answered the question of a staff psychologist. 
Stop feeding lohobusiness, approach the matter consciously, if only so that people do the right things, not personal enrichment, selecting the latter, because unfortunately their clients are mostly not rich people who are ready to give everything in the hope of earning the coveted for them a million. 
Better get the money down the toilet! UPD from vancuver comments : everything goes to the fact that the kitchen can at any time review trade and cancel transactions and are always right. and it is written in black and white in all treaties.

Well, for example, finam limited (aka forex finam) on the network, many argue that forex from a real broker is a true choice. but reading 25 sheets of the contract you can find something like the following: their main sub-broker is Saxobank, we are not liable, and in the case of a non-market quotation, we can reconsider transactions unilaterally. to explain where the market is, and where they are not, they cannot,  or for example, go to the “best broker of asia”

– The company has the right to revise the result of the client’s transactions in case of detection of a malfunction of the server’s software (how to know if it was a failure, hs) 

– In cases where the price change associated with the difference between the last price of the instrument before the market closes and the first price of the instrument at the time of opening the market, or associated with the release of news, leads to a change in profits by more than 10% of the total deposit, the Company leaves he has the right to correct the financial result of such transactions by an amount proportional to the difference in the prices indicated above in points, by debiting funds with the comment “Cluse 5.12 correction” (i.e., you can earn no more than 10% per day and merge as many as you like)

or, for example, I remember fxclub at the very beginning of my trading, I scribbled them for redrawing quotes, posted them on the forum, the topic was deleted after 1-2 seconds.  Well, there is no sense in going to complain to the new Zealand.

This is all personal experience. from it, the text of the contracts changes with an enviable frequency, with insta it has changed 3 times in these six months.

Why is he so popular this forex? from the fact that 99.9% merges and few people have encountered such situations, and who faced, the majority spat and passed by. Network PR, PR fx under the referral or office plankton of the companies themselves, begins to breed controversy and pour water like: you do not know how to trade, not all of these … almost all the training or rating sites of kitchens have referral links, and the referral is the only opportunity to fuck $, saw meat with a kitchen or open your own small kitchen kitchen, for the giants of this fraud have done everything for easy retail …